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Love is the highest Truth, the wings that fly us back Home.

I run two fan pages below on facebook for my Vietnamese fellows.

Hey GUYS, help these girls out! I just posted this on my personal blog, but I thought I could reach more people if I post it here too (even though this blog was abandoned a long time ago. The reason for this is because this long-abandoned blog still has more followers than my personal one! :D)

These are my friends and they’re doing a fundraising trying to get their book published. Just take a look in the link and consider helping them out, they’d be greatly thankful for that. Thank you guys.

From now on I will stop blogging on this blog, instead I’ll be blogging on my newly created personal blog I really appreciate all followers!

I am speaking to you from the imaginatrix. A domain outside of space and time. A domain unknown to ordinary people. But over the centuries exceptional human beings have learned the secret of moving between the worlds. The imaginatrix is the land of all dreams fulfilled. It is larger than you can imagine. It’s a universe inside the human mind, and it’s where the future is going. It is where our destiny lies. In a place where realities are made of thoughts and where the only laws are the laws of the human imagination. This is the place that shamans have known of for millenia. They pass through the portals that normally are reserved for the dead souls moving between the worlds. There’s a technology and an understanding that you can barely imagine. This is what has been kept from ordinary mankind for a millenia. This is the real secret behind the idea of magic. This is the universe into which your entire world is destined to dissolve.—— Everything is made of light. Everything is made of light, everything is visionary reality and the bodies of human beings are like faults. Some return to rest in the physical body, like an old friend returning to a long abandoned home. Ancient pleasures, pain, transcendence; the richness of reality is folded into itself. Infinity in a grain of sand. Time out of time. Life before and after life. Astonishment, astonishment is the proper response to reality. ——— In a place where realities are made of thoughts, and where the only laws are the laws of the human imagination… Moving out of the physical body, moving into the oceans of electric photons, into the worlds of idea, we become our dreams. We become our fantasies. We discover who we really are. We pursue the other through Eros into transcendence. We leave the monkey body behind. We spread our wings…

- Terence McKenna 
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This is what we need reported more in the media-positive stories

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