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The translation may have many mistakes, however I hope it may bring you much useful information in your way of finding inside happiness and way to be enlightened.

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Sila, Samadhi and Wisdom

“ My doctrine is not for anyone to believe, but to practice”
MahaMuni Buddha

Practicing method

These following practicing method is based on the experience and acknowledgement by Master Tibu and many others who mediating under the guide of Tibu, and it’s not only the theory. Its called: “Lets  speak what you are doing and do what you speak”

      Sila, Samadhi and Wisdom

If you practice without a direction and obvious method, the probability you will fall into a trap is very high. It looks like when a dog is chased and bitted by other dogs.  This dog will react by attacking these others, by continuously bite left or right, and so on it will die.  But if this dog know and open for him his own way, by just attacking in only one direction, the probably it can run away from the enemy maybe high. As such, practicing like “you heard and you do”, or you think” It’s sound nice and you do” , or just do it because other peers are doing and complimenting about it, the results you get won’t be lot. That practicing must be like Master Milarepa once said:

“ You must have a unique method and a very closed master, so you can reach your final purpose in this life”
Or just like Maha Muni Buddha once said to his followers:
-   Perfect in the first beginning( Sila)
-   Perfect in the middle of the way( Samadhi)
-   And perfect in the final ( Wisdom)

Conclusion: You need to have a very clear and clarify way of practicing and perfect in three stages: Sila, Samadhi and Wisdom. With our slow improvement( 2500 years and we still here), we need to do it right away with our heart, mind and energy

Sila: Hstd’ guideline is to speak truthfully and to be dutiful to your parents:
1)   Speak the truth:
Based on PBS research , one person may lie once per day. However, it’s base on a research at America. However, in this country where you need to work hard, if you don’t lie then it’s very hard to survive.
       The paradox is if you want to cultivate, first you need to keep the Sila: Speak the truth.
So, there is a way to resolve this paradox:
-   Choose the one so you can say the truth:
You may choose the one among your family members, and always say the truth to this person. If you can do it, when you go outside and lie, because of this person, you can keep the balance.
-   Choose a place so you always say the truth:
Choose a place in your house, wherever you are in that place, whenever you talk, you must say the truth.
2)   Be dutiful to your parents:
Considered your parents above anything else, your parents’ decision must be respected by you. And you need to do whatever your parents tell you to do (if it’s true and still inside the moral and law regulation, even if it may adverse your thought)


Harmonize your body

A.   Meditation position: Remember to put your tongue to touch your jaw
1.   Definition: It’s a simple, balancing, secure and less tiredness position
2.   Category: There are two position: SIT AND LYING DOWN
•   Sit: Just sit wherever and however, just feel secure. If you want to sit with a half lotus position, you should follow as described in HATHA YOGA ( Remember to put your right leg on your left thigh. If you sit on a chair, remember to put your heel of foot touch slightly each other.
•   Lying down: : Just lying down wherever and however, just feel secure.
3.   Direction: There are some who are allergic to the geographic direction, so will have the 4 following feeling:
-   Not feeling satisfied or not safe when they sit, showing their face in that direction
-   When mediating, suddenly your neck tilt in different direction
-   Feel like your body leaning, but in fact it’s still very straight
-   Feel like your body oscillating
4.   Resolve 
Just rotate your body slowly into different direction (remember to rotate it clockwise)

For example:  If this time you sit at the North, the next time you rotate your body to the north east. If it’s still not right, the next time you shift it to the East.
B.   Relax your body:
1.   Definition:  Not stretching any of your muscle which not necessary during your mediating session. Keep your jaw closed and your tongue still touching the upper jaw. 
2.   Purpose: To keep you absence of false ideas or thoughts/ apart from thought.
3.   Relax all of your muscle from toe , through joint up to top of your head. If any part of your body feel tense, stretch it a little bit and then suddenly let  it loose. 
C.   Detachment:

1.   Detach your body 1st and then your mind.  My ( Tibu) detach method is From the mediating position, breath in breath out and as I breath in, I put my attention to my toe and as I breath out, I loose it, then to thigh muscle, then thigh, then asshole( lol) 
2.   Calculate the breath:

I calculate my breath, as I breath out I imagine ( in my head) to draw a digital number, right in front of me, until no 12.
Repeat three routine, the number which can appear blur is acceptable because this stage only help you to forget your daily living routine( detach your thought)

Distribution of vital force

As  you put your attention to the in and out of your breath, you can only relax your body and this action only brings you to the upacara; so don’t too believe in what books  nowadays saying.
1.   The distribution of vital force:
-   When breathing in : The vital force is stopped short
-   When breathing out: The vital force is circulated
As so, you should relax your muscle when breathing out( breathing out take longer time compared with breathing in)
2.   Purpose: Followed up your upacara by a Samyak-samadhi
From Upacara to Samyak-samadhi, you will see a very different state of feeling/mentality
-   At Upacara: Your Greed and Desire still a lot
-   At Samyak-samadhi:  Your Greed and Desire will be lesser and lesser( depend on how deep your  mediation is)
As such, when you go from upacara to Samyak-samadhi, you will encounter the up and down of psychological process.
*Any psychological oscillation will lead to a slip of Samyak-samadhi.
3. Practice:
  - With two gate( nose and mouth) and two container/ storage( Lung and belly), we have a  distribution of yin(-) and yang(+) as followed:

                 LUNG(+)—-> STORE—->(-) BELLY

 After analyzing, we come to this conclusion:
 - When breathing in, we use nose and lung, it will be totally Yang-> we tend to be more impatient, flutter, tremble with excitement and hard to relax
 -When breathing in, we use mouth and belly, it will be totally Yin-> We will die because of exhausted, or have serious illness.
THUS: We should use NOSE and BELLY: A combination of yin and yang. It’s a breath of a child.
Put your attention more on the breathing out instead of breathing in( take longer time when you breathe out)
Try to imagine about a series of digital number from no 1 till no 12. Remember every routine of breathe in and out is ended with one number.
For example:  Close your eyes, slowly breath in- out and try to imagine:
-   The number will appear  blurry right in front of you, in a small picture frame
-   Repeat the routine of  no 1 till no 12 thrice, each routine consists of 12 number or 12 breath
-   Focus on making these number become more obvious/ transparent
-   Remember to breathe slowly; try to open up your belly when breathing in. You will get used to it soon.

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