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- Bashar

As many of you now know, there are many different kinds of discoveries, many different kinds of realizations and ideas that are opening up, new fields of awareness, new understandings of your consciousness and therefore, your reality, your physical material reality is going to become a lot more slippery, as you say, space and time are losing their grip upon you because you are the creators of space and time; you are the creators of the physical reality in which you think you exist. And, as you change your idea of yourselves, as you expand beyond the notion that you are merely physical entities and explore other realms of consciousness and other levels of consciousness within you, so too will your physiological reality become that expanded, that nebulous, that fluid, that transmutational and transitional and, of course, it would be no surprise that at this time of exploring your consciousness in a transmutational way, that you would begin to see reflections in your society of transmutational science. Everything that you do, everything that you create, every endeavor, scientific, economic, social or otherwise that you go into is always going to reflect where you are at in your understanding and relationship to your own consciousness.

You must simply remember, in everything that we discuss, that your outer physical reality is not outer, it is inner, it’s just a reflection of you at every given moment, individually and collectively. So if you find as you view your outer physical reality that there are things about it that you would prefer to change, all you really need to do is to change something about yourself and you will see that change take place unerringly and effortlessly. And all your explorations and all your ideas, no matter how they may magnify scientifically or otherwise, are all going to be the result of the way you change the idea of how you see yourself and what you know is possible in your dimension of experience.

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- Bashar (via hollygolly)
- Bashar