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This blog is dedicated to Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Nature, Society, Poetry, Philosophy, Spirituality, Earth, the Sun, the Moon, Mothers, Fathers, Indigo Children, Light Workers, Rainbow Warriors, Matrix Unplugger....

Love is the highest Truth, the wings that fly us back Home.

I run two fan pages below on facebook for my Vietnamese fellows.

- C.G. Jung (via mindfulmantras)
- Secret of the Golden Flower
- LX
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Those who are unaware…

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"Happiness is only real when shared."

- The Emerald Tablets (via ascensionawareness)
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- C.S. Lewis
- Bashar
- Marianne Williamson  
- unknown
- Terence McKenna
- Terence McKenna
- unknown
- Hermes Trismigistus