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- Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath (via woodwose-radio)
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The current worldview has it that everything is made of matter, and everything can be reduced to the elementary particles of matter, the basic constituents—building blocks—of matter. And cause arises from the interactions of these basic building blocks or elementary particles; elementary particles make atoms, atoms make molecules, molecules make cells, and cells make brain. But all the way, the ultimate cause is always the interactions between the elementary particles. This is the belief—all cause moves from the elementary particles. This is what we call “upward causation.” So in this view, what human beings—you and I—think of as our free will does not really exist. It is only an epiphenomenon or secondary phenomenon, secondary to the causal power of matter. And any causal power that we seem to be able to exert on matter is just an illusion. This is the current paradigm.

Now, the opposite view is that everything starts with consciousness. That is, consciousness is the ground of all being. In this view, consciousness imposes “downward causation.” In other words, our free will is real. When we act in the world we really are acting with causal power. This view does not deny that matter also has causal potency—it does not deny that there is causal power from elementary particles upward, so there is upward causation—but in addition it insists that there is also downward causation. It shows up in our creativity and acts of free will, or when we make moral decisions. In those occasions we are actually witnessing downward causation by consciousness.

- Amit Goswami, Ph.D.  Theoretical Quantum Physicist
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SECRET POWER of PYRAMIDS! Pyramid power is supernatural or paranormal properties of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and objects of similar shape. This power, is said to preserve foods, maintain the sharpness of razor blades, improve health function, trigger sexual urges and cause other dramatic effects.
Pyramid power is one of many theories, referred to as pyramidology.

Some of the effects are:
Food kept under a pyramid will stay fresh for two to three times longer than uncovered food. Artificial flavorings in food will loose their taste, but natural flavors are enhanced.
The taste of foods change; they become less bitter or acid. Spectrographic reading of the treated item will show a change in the molecular structure.
The pyramid will dehydrate and mummify things, without decay or mold growing.
There is also a slowing or complete stopping of the growth of microorganisms.
Kirlian photographs show the aura to be significantly brighter after a 15 minute exposure period.

Reactions to pyramid environments:
Persons living, meditate, work or sleep inside of a pyramid building or under a pyramid framework, generally feel immediate positive reactions. Creatures are magnetically attracted to Pyramid replicas.
Testimonials from several sources, demonstrate that pets of all kinds thrive under, or within open frame pyramids. Dogs and cats are observed to respond to the pyramids.

Pyramid research:
Bill Kerell is a researcher who experimented with pyramids for about 17 years. He has done many experiments using brine shrimp. Brine shrimp usually live 6 to 7 weeks; but under the pyramids, Bill has kept them alive for over a year. He also noticed that pyramid-grown shrimp grew two to three times larger than normal. Bill has also done a lot of work with humans.
One of the things he and his associates have found is that hypertensive individuals become tranquilized, but lethargic people become energetic again.

A lot of work has been done with individuals who meditate. The theta and alpha brain waves are increased. These frequencies are also higher and the signal strength is twice the 9amplitude of normal. Dr. Carl Benedicks (a Swedish scientist) discovered that the pyramid produced a resonance or frequency inside it. Two German scientists, Born and Lertes, also discovered that this frequency was in the microwave range.
Researchers discovered that items placed under a pyramid stay “charged” for various lengths of time after being taken from under the pyramid. Crystals and water keeps their “charge” longer than anything else.

Doctors have been experimenting with Pyramids:
A Canadian hospital tried using a pyramid in their burn ward. The results were that after being under the pyramid for a few minutes, the patients’ pain started to reduce.
They also found that burns areas healed much faster.

How a Pyramid Works:
Negative Ions help to reproduce and repair body cells. They’re transmitted into the body through the air and are circulated by the blood. Too many positive ions (the result of air pollution) can cause depression, and ultimately, illlnesses. Thus, negative ions have a beneficial effect on the body.
Pyramids generate negative ions. In addition, they are believed to have a generally balancing effect on the body’s electromagnetic field. This effect is greatly enhanced if the materials used, is gold or copper.

* Charging Crystals is a popular use with pyramids. Quartz crystals are most effective for that, as they hold the charge for several weeks. These crystals can then be used for healing purpose as they release their charge into the surrounding.
* Large pyramids (the kind you sit inside) are often used for meditation, massage, acupuncture, and Reiki.
* Many people have also experienced that after sleeping inside a pyramid they find that they need less sleep and feel more relaxed and at peace when they wake up.
* Many people put their drinking water in pyramids to charge it with the pyramid’s negative ions.
It is recommended to put a glass inside a pyramid for about half-an-hour, and large quantities overnight.
* The pyramid activates the energies of the pineal and pituitary glands Users experience balance, relaxation, tranquility, well-being, and in some instances, the reduction of headaches.

Evidence From Ancient Egyptian Tombs: Egyptologists have found well preserved grain in tombs that is thousands of years old. In sharp contrast, grains stored in modern silos usually spoils after only a few seasons of storage. Grain in modern silos usually keeps no longer than four years.

The preservation of organic material in pyramids has received a lot of attention in popular books. In the 1930s, a Frenchman named Antoine Bovis observed that a dead cat in the Great Pyramid did not decompose. The animal apparently wandered into the King’s Chamber and perished before finding an exit route. The cat’s body dried out, although the air in the King’s Chamber is always humid. 
The animal apparently wandered into the King’s Chamber and perished before finding an exit route. The cat’s body dried out, although the air in the King’s Chamber is always humid. Bovis’s observation gave rise to the idea of ‘pyramid power,’ which preserve organic matter. Advocates of pyramid power include a French radiologist named Jean Martial; an electronics engineer from Prague named Karl Drbal; author and biologist Lyall Watson; and physicist Patrick Flanagan. Small models made of paper, wood or other materials, have been tested for desiccating organic matter and sharpening razor blades. Several tests have demonstrated pyramid to be capable of preserving organic matter.

At Saqqara, Egypt, Egyptologists excavated a tomb of a woman of lesser nobility. In accordance with funerary customs, an elaborate meal was set out on pottery platters. The meal consisted of porridge, quail, kidneys, pigeon, fish, beef ribs, triangular loaves of bread, cakes and fruits. Their state of preservation was so excellent that Egyptologists easily recognized all of the foods in the entire meal, although it is almost 5,000 years old. 
The example suggests that shape is the key to the phenomenon popularly known as ’ pyramid power.’

MEDITATION IN PYRAMIDSCareful study reveals several unique and beneficial qualities that may be derived from Pyramid Meditation. Experienced Meditators relate profound results in their quest for expanded awareness.Many people feel that psychic powers are stimulated or heighten by the use of pyramids. 
Psychics who use pyramids in that fashion have achieved an altered state of consciousness more rapidly than they would have otherwise, placed on the head focussing through the chakra system, during Meditation sessions, clearing psychic passages which may have become blocked.
The pyramid is a geometric amplifier which increases the power of prayer or strengthens the spiritual request of a religious devotee. 
Pyramid Meditators suggest that the best results are achieved by sitting upright with the upper chakras located approximately one third up from the pyramid base directly under the apex. 
The use of a pyramid in meditation can excellerate the process bringing feelings of calmness, wellbeing and a more open and positive attitude. Many users claim increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of awareness.
Verbal and written testimonials, among experienced and non-experienced pyramid meditators throughout the world have reported that the pyramid shows the following reactions.

1. A sense of weightlessness.
2. Electric-like tingling sensations.
3. Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body.
4. Tranquility, relaxation and freedom from tensions.
5. Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions.
6. External stimuli, sight and sounds particularly fade away.
7. Time distortion, Space consciousness prevails.
8. Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels .

I found this article fascinating…

In January 1996, I began reading the Law of One, a series of five books that were allegedly transmitted telepathically by very advanced extraterrestrials. These ETs claimed to have helped build the Great Pyramid, originally for positive purposes, but were forced to withdraw from the earth when it became contorted for negative uses. They also said the main reason they made this contact in modern times was to apologize for what they had done, and give us this new gift in the hopes of improving the desperate situation they had inadvertently created. A surprisingly large number of the points I have made in this book appear in the Law of One series, most of which came through in 1981. They reveal that the mind is indeed infinite, but nonetheless has a singular identity at a vast cosmic level—which they call the One Infinite Creator. We are told that we are all perfect, holographic reflections of the One Infinite Creator; that we reincarnate to work on spiritual lessons, and will eventually return to our original identity; that the “25,000-year cycle” creates biological and spiritual evolution in sudden jumps, and that the cycle will be complete in the approximate neighborhood of 2011-2013—ushering in a quantum transformation of space, time, matter, energy, biology, and consciousness that is already well under way. The Law of One series also describes the global grid, goes into great detail about the physics of space-time and time-space, discusses levels of spiritual evolutions that are based on the rainbow color spectrum, suggests that the galaxy is an intelligent superbeing that has designed the human form to appear on millions of inhabited planets, and says that we do have the potential to evolve into an entirely new level of being as we go through this transformation. The benevolent group they refer to as “The Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator” has apparently been assisting the earth throughout its entire evolution—and is particularly focused on helping us move through this transition smoothly and safely. This material formed the basis of much of my work, and many specific details were given that could later be explored and verified scientifically. Every credible insider I know has given me stunning confirmations of specific details in the Law of One series, though not one of them ever read it. I have had many fascinating personal experiences that have led me to consider it to be quite different from most other allegedly channeled teachings, which seem to invariable contradict each other, and often do not line up with the science I disclose in this book.

- David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations (via nirvikalpa)
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Think hippie thoughts

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Saw this as I was walking to the beach for meditation. I couldn’t capture the whole thing, but on the other side it says “You are beautiful.” Great inspiration. Great day.

While I was growing up my life was full of obstables and sorrows. Because my body was ravaged by many life-threatening illnesses, at 18 years of age I weighed about 40kg. or 88 lbs. 

I was drafted for military duty and was sent to the city of Cao Lãnh - Đồng tháp province in South Vietnam . While in uniform I was constantly ill at ease and troubled. In addition, I felt a kind of heaviness in my heart that is hard to describe. It was as if I had lost something that was very precious to me, something noble and transcendentally pure. I wondered if it could be love from someone? but it was not that.

I questioned myself over and over until one afternoon, when people were napping and I was dozing off, I vaguely heard a quiet voice saying: “go back home my son, go back to the spiritual path that is filled with happiness.” I heard the same voice and words the next day, and the day after.

On the third day I said out loud, “Who is it? If you tell me to go home please help me because I do not have any money.”

The next day my regiment was sent to a vast field to pluck weeds. By 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I felt tense and anxious as I was digging up the weeds. I was then pushed by an invisible force and walked toward the road. As I reached the road a military van had just pulled over. I climbed into the van as directed by an unknown Force. As I was getting into the van, I thought of the irony of what I was doing in deserting the army by way of a military van.

The van was on a military mission, transporting soldiers and military supplies to the province of Can Tho . When it passed the ferry port of Can Tho, I asked to get off. The van stopped and let me off without any questions being asked. 

It was around 1:00 am. I walked toward the port and asked every driver there, without success, to give me a ride to Tien Giang, I was terribly disappointed and prayed, “Whoever told me to go back, please help me because I do not have any money with me.” At that moment, I saw the last car with passengers coming down from the ferry. I noticed an old white haired guru, holding a staff in his hand, waving at me and saying: “let’s go home, my son. I have come to take you back.” His image then disappeared. This incident became a wonderful coincidence. It was old-guru who was telling me to go back home. When I was back in my native village, I received a booklet from scholar Trieu-Phuoc entitled the religious practice of the Five Dharanis. He was the old-guru in my vision and is now my grandmaster.

I rushed to get in that last car and sat down in a corner. When it reached its destination at Tien Giang car-park, I got out without the car’s owner noticing me and asking me to pay. Safe at last I thought.

I soon faced another danger. The station was controlled by police and military personnel who were looking for deserters. I realized that I was terribly upset and miserable. I thought that whatever power led me to this place and then, to let me be arrested here is truly heartbreaking.

I felt totally lost. My thoughts were like entangled silk threads, and I could not think of any way to save myself. I paced back and forth, utterly helpless, and there, sitting right in front of me and contentedly laughing, was the old –guru. But, in a second he was no longer there and in his place was an elderly lady. The lady looked at me and asked me to come over to her. She then asked if I was a deserter to which I replied that I was. She then told me to lie down on her folding canvas bed and covered me from head to toe with a blanket. I fell asleep and awoke about 4:00 a.m. The lady hailed a motorcyclist to take me back home.

The story was amazing. I was able to return from the city of Cao Lãnh – Đồng Tháp (Bronze Tower province in the Mekong Delta of S. Vn) to Ben Tre province (a distance of about 200 km) without paying a cent, and always with the help of the invisible power.

After I was home, the old guru appeared in my dream. He patted my head and said that virtue is the most precious thing in the spiritual Way. He continued to state that later on I will see a wonderful thing happening with “Precious Virtue”. 

I have been carrying those words with me for over ten years trying to understand the meaning of “Precious Virtue”. Then the day came that I received the teachings of secret Buddhism, which came directly from Duc Quy, from my benefactor and teacher Nguyen Mai. The question that I had in my heart for over ten years was answered. “Precious Virtue” was the religious name of my grandmaster.

A miraculous event with a happy ending – I have come home.

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ascensionawareness is adorable! I love dat hair girl. Oh, and she makes jewelry!

Her blog is filled with information on all things metaphysical :)

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from mike the athens and jondix’s 108 marks

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Chakra Healling Chart

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~ The Basic Secrets of Sexual Alchemy

~~ From the Emerald Tablet:

"… Here is the essence of every Perfection in the world. Its strength and power prevail when turned into earth; thou wilt separate the earth from fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with great care.

It ascends from earth to heaven, descends again to earth and receives the power of the higher and the lower. By this means, thou wilt have the glory of the world. And because of this, all obscurity will flee from thee. Within this is the power, most powerful of all powers. For It will overcome all subtle things, and penetrate every solid thing. Thus the world was created. Wonderful adaptations will emerge from this; It is the Way.”


Sexual Alchemy is the most powerful form of inner transformation we have, it is the superconductor for correction and transmutation. It has been used as tantra in the East for millenia and has been thoroughly misunderstood for centuries by the masses. If used correctly, Sexual Alchemy (the transmutation of energy/desire) can be used to create intense and incredible increases in spiritual awareness and expanded levels of consciousness. In combines pre and post meditations, pranayama and should involve all 4 levels of subtle body alignment; Kriya or Atzilut (Energy), Gnana or Beriyah (Mental), Bhakti or Yetzirah (Emotional), and Karma or Assiyah (Body) - nothing else can involve all four centers with this much focus and intensity.

Sexual power is quite strong. It wants to get out and create. When you turn it within—into your earth its strength and power prevail. That means ching turned inward saturates the subtle body with strength and power thus enlivening it.

First, the (subtle) sexual sublimate energy must be separated from the (gross) material sexual secretion systems. This is done with great care (concentration) and no force is necessary — just will power. It, the sexual energy sublimate, ascends from the groin (earth) to the original cavity of spirit in the head (heaven). It empowers the subtle body and receives the powers of the higher (insight, intuition, inductive configuration, deductive penetration, refined concentration, enhanced imagination).

Having empowered the higher, It descends to the lower, the original cavity of vitality above the crotch and below the kidneys, there It empowers the lower (cogent feeling and sensation, refined will power and emotions). Thus empowered and within the subtle body you will have the glory of the world. And through your evolution in the subtle body and because of the higher and lower development you will attain the most powerful of all powers: knowing the way of things.

There are three stages of sexual engagement, call them infant, child, adolescent and adult (Ibur, Yenika, Katnut, Gadlut) - consider them the quality and quantity of your sexual experience. 

TO GOAL: The purpose here to to generate much energy in the lower chakra centers especially the Muladhara and when the Prima Materia is ready to then draw it up the spine while stopping and storing/recharging at each major nadi (chakra) until it reaching the top of the neck and enters the head (the Heavens).

NEXT TIME: There a many advanced techniques and many variations with regards to postures, breathing, mudras, etc to be used for specific kinds of ‘goals’ after you achieve the levels of kundalini shushumna awakening.

For now let’s begin:

~ Sexual activity changes the chemical character of the body and brain.

a. The more intense the sexual activity the more the chemistry changes.
b. Orgasm, especially in men, tends to switch OFF the chemical changes.
c. Plateau stage (pre-orgasm) sexual activity brings the strongest long-term chemical change. Driving to this height is called ‘strength’ or Aviut.
d. Plateau stage sexual activity is not commonly reached prior to 7-12 minutes of arousal activity, it must be built up.
e. A minimum of 38 minutes of Plateau Stage sexual activity is required to reach a “adult” (the highest) stage of chemical change in the body and brain.
f. The longer the chemical change produced by sexual activity is continued, the more the higher brain circuits are energized into awareness.
g. The more often sexual energy is used to produce the desired energy the less often the body and brain will return to the old energy, which you are trying to change.
h. Continued practice of sexual alchemy at a high frequency aids in gaining control over the desires and the thoughts which is that portion of the ego demanding attention at all costs - it in fact transmute ego mind through the alchemical fire.

~ Energy is just energy. It’s what you do with it that counts.

a. Great sex brings - great chemistry brings - great energy brings - higher brain awareness - brings more spiritual awareness - which leads to Kundalini/samadhi.
b. Focus should be toward the proper use and processing of your energy and your energy channels.
c. What you do with the energy from sexual rituals once built to a high peak is what you are becoming. Be careful what you do with it and how you use it.
d. The amount of energy you produce fuels your engine of change. Infrequent or occasional energy sessions break the flow of change. Strong energy continued on a regular basis gives strong ability to change without breaking the sequence.

~ Surround yourself with your focus to bring forth what you desire.

a. Prior to an sexual alchemy (energy session) meditate on your higher connection. Surround yourself with your becoming at all times, especially prior to sexual alchemy, make the spiritual change your focus.
b. Following a sexual ritual keep the focus on what you are becoming. Read, meditate, use proper pranayama breathing techniques like the ‘Suryabheda’, ‘Ujjayi’, ‘Bhastrika’, and ‘Plavini’ if you know it to utilize the sustained energy in much higher doses.

~ Best results are gained by meditating before and after sexual alchemy.

a. This concept is common to meditation methods of attainment. It’s silly to go into a meditation process looking for answers if you don’t even know if there is a question or to use a process without knowing clearly your spiritual goal.

b. The sexual alchemy is a ritual and works best when performed precisely. The more intense the sexual energy created, the more chemical change in the body and brain is created; the more your electromagnetic field is energized; the greater are your higher powers opened, the more insight you can gain; much increased activity in the Markabah as well.

c. Because the sexual activity is a ritual and because the better it is done the stronger the operation, and because the more intense the sexual energy produced, the more energy available expand with, and because you have meditated on your focus before beginning the operation, your only need during the active performance is to focus on how much energy you can produce. In simple terms, the strength of the energy generated. The more the better, the more often the better. Keep a second attention on your goal and your first attention on the ‘Alchemical Fire’.

~ Energy Sources/Working Alone

a. You are NOT the only source of energy available to you. The energy field of the earth is stronger than your energy for example. Other people can enhance your energy, helping you build glorious and intense energy. Other people can also drain you so be careful of this with regards to your partner.

b. Working alone in a sexual ritual you can tap into the readily available earth energy field, internal polarity. Use and generate your own desire, or any other method to energize with. Working alone can limit the initial energy achieved in some people but can be incredibly effective once perfected and harnessed correctly.

c. Working with a unknown partner will drastically limit your energy potential. The better known, better connected you are to the person, the more polarity you have with them. Polarity is the battery potential that brings energy. ♥